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PainTheory partners with a select number of doctors, specialists, and clinics to help patients find the right treatment for fibroids or chronic pain. Our spinal cord stimulation and fibroid embolization experts are hand-picked from cities across the US, so that you can find a specialist near you.

The PainTheory Difference

Educational materials to learn about treatments

PainTheory builds educational content to help patients learn about cutting-edge, minimally-invasive treatments.

Free phone consults to answer questions

Have a question about a specific treatment? Talk with a care coordinator to learn about your eligibility.

Hand-selected doctors who exceed expectations

We only partner with a select number of specialists who have excellent clinical skills and great patient reviews.

How We Help Treat Fibroids & Chronic Pain

Helping patients make informed decisions about treating fibroids or chronic pain is important to us. We created a short online questionnaire to help you find out if you are a viable candidate for spinal cord stimulation or uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). Once you are approved, you’ll be paired with a personal PainTheory care coordinator who will help you get scheduled with one of our handpicked specialists near you. Your care coordinator can also help you with any questions you may have about the procedure, walk you through your insurance, or simply provide emotional support. PainTheory is always free for patients.
A fibroid specilist at their clinic with other medical employees.

Locations we serve

Find a specialist at your nearest PainTheory partner clinic.

If you decide to book a visit, your specialist will assess your medical history, discuss relevant treatment options, and answer questions about UFE, spinal cord stimulation, and other treatments.

Modern facilities, maximum comfort

Experience modern offices that are comfortable, clean, and enjoyable to visit.

Whether you’re suffering from fibroids or chronic pain, PainTheory specialists have a wealth of minimally-invasive treatments that can reduce or eliminate your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Our partner specialists are committed to fast tracking consultations for patients who book through PainTheory.

PainTheory only partners with clinics that exceed expectations for patient care, staff efficiency, and clinic aesthetics.

Front office area of Evolve Medical interventional radiology clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Chat with PainTheory care coordinators to get your questions answered

Free phone consults

Talk with a coordinator to learn about specific treatments and ask questions.

If you need help deciding whether to schedule a visit, have a question about a procedure, or just need some emotional support, we’re here to help.