What Makes a Good Candidate for Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Thumbnail image of Eric DePopas explaining what makes a good candidate for UFE or SCS.

There are two main factors doctors consider when determining if a patient is a “good” candidate for spinal cord stimulation:

  • Pain after back surgery: Is the patient experiencing pain after back surgery?
  • Duration of pain: Has the patient’s pain last longer than 6 months after back surgery?

Other factors that can affect candidacy include:

  • Pain characteristics: Is pain radiating down the arm or leg?
  • Previous procedures: Has the patient tried other minimally invasive procedures?
  • Severity of pain: Is the patient’s pain so sever that it’s preventing them from conducting basic daily activities?
  • Other conditions: Does the patient have chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)?

Listen to Dr. Eric DePopas discuss these factors to help assess your candidacy for spinal cord stimulation.

Watch the spinal cord stimulation video series today

Listen to Dr. Eric DePopas talk about some of the most frequently asked questions about spinal cord stimulation.


The information included in this document in no way substitutes for medical advice.

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