Spinal Cord Stimulation

Relief from severe chronic pain, finally

When other treatments haven’t worked,
spinal cord stimulation might be an option.

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What is spinal cord stimulation?

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A safe and effective minimally-invasive treatment for chronic back and leg pain

Studies show good to excellent long-term chronic pain relief in 50-80% of patients who receive spinal cord stimulation. Sources (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

How it works

The stimulator consists of a small battery pack and thin wires, called leads.

The leads are placed under the skin and next to the spinal cord. The battery back, also called a “pulse generator,” is programmed to send gentle electrical pulses through the leads to disrupt pain signals before they reach your brain.

These devices have been developed over decades, with hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D. This is not a TENS unit.

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The device is placed under the skin in a same-day, outpatient procedure.

Every patient gets to “trial” a temporary stimulator for up to 1 week to see if it reduces pain and improves daily life.

The trial is a simple, outpatient procedure that takes about 30-minutes in the doctor’s office.

The stimulator interrupts pain signals before they reach the brain, reducing pain and improving function.

When you feel pain, it’s because nerves are sending pain signals to your brain. Spinal cord stimulation interrupts these pain signals so you don’t perceive them as pain. The goal of spinal cord stimulation is to:

Reduce pain by at least 50%

Improve mobility and allow daily activities

Reduce the need for pain medication

Allow patients to relax and sleep better

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Proven to deliver long-term pain relief without drugs or major surgery.

Reduced pain

Reduced reliance on oral opioids

Increased activity

High patient satisfaction


Frequently asked questions

Questions about spinal stimulation

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The fastest, easiest way to get evaluated for a spinal cord stimulator

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