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Spinal cord stimulation has been shown to reduce severe chronic pain and pain after back surgery that hasn't responded to other therapies.

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Interventional Pain Specialist
Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Vamshi Yelavarthi - PainTheory
Interventional Pain Specialist
San Tan Valley, AZ
Dr. Aaron Frodsham
Interventional Radiologist
Salt Lake City, Utah
Dr. Mark T. Malone
Interventional Pain Specialist
Austin, Texas
Abdul Hayee
Interventional Pain Specialist
Dallas, Texas
Dr. Andrew G. Seltzer - Grey BG
Interventional Pain Management
Pasadena, CA
Dr. Manuel Ybarra Grey
Interventional Pain Specialist
San Antonio, TX
Dr. Kevin Henry - PainTheory
Interventional Pain Specialist
Phoenix, AZ
Dr. Amirdelfan
Interventional Pain Specialist
Walnut Creek, California
Dr. Warner
Interventional Pain Specialist
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

What patients are saying about PainTheory doctors

Patient Review
For Dr. Patel | Denver, CO
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I was really scared to have this procedure today but everyone was very encouraging, kind and took excellent care of me. Dr Patel was gentle and kept me calm. His nurses are fabulous and stayed with me to keep me safe afterwards. I had almost immediate relief of pain in some areas. I’m feeling very optimistic.
Patient Review
For Dr. Ybarra | San Antonio, TX
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Just wanted to express my gratitude to doctor Ybarra and his staff for making me feel better today!! The doctor and his entire staff are exceptionally awesome!! The effectiveness of his practice it can be easily be compared with the precision that NASA launches a space shuttle to space. Thank you!!
Patient Review
For Dr. Paicius | Newport Beach, CA
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Beyond helpful with my chronic pain. The entire staff is professional, spends time with me and knows what they’re doing. Dr. Paicius is a master at his craft. I highly recommend Newport Headache and Pain.
Patient Review
For Dr. Frodsham | Salt Lake City, UT
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Dr Frodsham and his entire staff are the most amazing medical team. They gave it their best to help our loved one. More medical attention was needed so we went to St Marks Hospital. Evolve medical team have came to check up on our loved ones progress everyday so far. I highly recommend them.
Patient Review
For Dr. Hayee | DFW, TX
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Everyone at the Flower Mound Pain and Spine is wonderful. Dr. Abdul Hayee is a wonderful and very professional doctor. He was very thorough on the exams and in explaining everything​ to me. I recommend him highly.
Patient Review
For Dr. Henry | San Tan Valley, AZ
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All I have to say. I moved from Seattle. In almost 20 years of pain. No Doctor has helped me like MD Kevin Henry. He really listens your needs and treat you with compassion, professionalism and care. When you are in a consult with him. He really seats down and listen what you have to say.
Patient Review
For Dr. Seltzer | Pasadena, CA
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Dr Seltzer is the only Dr that’s been able to cure my severe back pain. Kind, courteous and professional. I recommend him to anyone with suffering with moderate to severe pain.

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