Eligibility Quizzes

Curious if you’re a candidate for a specific procedure? Take one of our eligibility quizzes.

Eligibility quizzes

At PainTheory, we’re on a mission to create tools to help people understand their conditions and treatment options. Over the coming months, we’ll be steadily releasing quizzes that do just that.

Spinal cord stimulation quiz

This 1-minute quiz will determine if you are a candidate for spinal cord stimulation.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

This 1-minute quiz will determine if you are a candidate for uterine fibroid embolization​.

Stem cell quiz

Stem cell therapy, also known as “regenerative medicine” uses your own cells to regenerate tissue and reduce pain.

Coming soon...

Pain pump quiz

Intrathecal pain pumps have been shown to help patients reduce reliance on oral opioids for pain relief.

Coming soon...

Nerve ablation quiz

Radiofrequency nerve ablation is used to alleviate pain related to facet disease.

Coming soon...

Vertiflex quiz

Vertiflex is a brand of “interspinous spacer,” a device that can provide relief from spinal stenosis without surgery.

Coming soon...

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Eligibility quizzes

This 1-minute quiz will tell you if you’re a candidate for spinal stimulation.

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