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PainTheory providers offer a wide range of treatment options. We’re currently building out a robust set of educational materials for each treatment and will be releasing new content on a weekly basis.

Nerve ablations

If nerve block injections have worked in the past, nerve ablation may be an option to provide longer-term relief.

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Pain pumps

Intrathecal pain pumps can significant reduce the need for oral pain medications because they deliver medication directly to origin.

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Nerve blocks

A nerve block, or “medial branch block,” is used to relieve pain related to facet disease. A tiny needle is used inject steroid on top of the medial nerve which significantly reduces inflammation of the nerve which reduces pain.

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Steroid injections

A great first-line treatment to calm nerve inflammation and provide short to medium-term relief.

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Facet injections

A facet injection is where long acting steroid is injected into the facet joint to relieve inflammation caused by the injured joint.

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Vertebral augmentation

Vertebral augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that restores an injured or collapsed vertebral body to its original shape and configuration and frequently leads to immediate pain relief.

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