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PainTheory is a 100% free patient resource offered by a small number of top-tier clinics in Utah. We help patients understand their treatment options and make confident decisions about finding treatment for fibroids.

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Learn what factors make someone a good candidate for fibroid embolization

In less than 1 minute you’ll know which factors make someone a good, potential, or not so good candidate for uterine fibroid embolization. You will also gain access to a comprehensive guide on uterine fibroid embolization that covers 99% of patients’ questions.

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See which major insurance plans cover uterine fibroid embolization and learn how to ensure you are covered.

Enjoy detailed video explanations from a specialist

Remove the confusion surrounding uterine fibroids and their treatment with detailed video information from a medical doctor. We will cover questions like, “are fibroids cancerous”, “do fibroids cause heavy menstrual bleeding or bloating”, and “what is recovery like after fibroid surgery or minimally invasive therapy like fibroid embolization?”

Learn the benefits and risks of different fibroid treatment strategies

Learn about the level A data supporting the broad adoption of uterine fibroid embolization for fibroid overgrowth. Learn about the benefits and risks of various fibroid treatment strategies like medication management, surgical procedures like hysterectomy and myomectomy, and minimally invasive therapies like uterine fibroid embolization.

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PainTheory partners with the top specialists who perform uterine fibroid embolization to bring an unparalleled experience to people suffering from symptomatic fibroids including free, world-class educational resources and rapid scheduling. 

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PainTheory was founded by Dr. Eric DePopas and his brother Kevin DePopas in Denver, CO. Launched in 2018, PainTheory partners with top physicians to help patients understand their treatment options and make confident medical decisions.

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PainTheory is a 100% free patient resource offered by the top physicians. PainTheory only works with providers who go above and beyond to bring world class educational resources to the public. 

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